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Special Feature 2—Even when we were crazy with love...

Even when we were crazy with love,
We still had to buy the groceries

by Mary Pinkoski

— March 28, 2008 —

There was this excitement

Remember we met—
The power was out,
Buying new light bulbs.

Heart tripping
On chest's trampoline,
Ribs spotting for falls.

In a paper heart—allergy
My throat swells with love.

            (Found under the lamp)
            6 cans red beans; 2 cream of corns
            1 pair of pantyhose

There were these parties

In April, plastic snowmen
Cover the yard;
This is why I stay.

The doctor called again;
I can't believe you walked here
With only one shoe.

            (Found in Luke's gospel)
            Lamps for lighting, oil to burn
            Red wine for drinking

There was this falling

This should have worked;
Spring so close—daisies
Choking the snow.

While everything falls apart—
In the Farmer's Almanac:
Split peas never broken.

            (Found behind closed doors)
            Seven syllables to survive
            Five words on tongue's tip

There was this memory

Seven months before you left
Even the dryers predicted loss
In Morse-Sock-Code

After you are gone
She says, "were you two an item?"
"Only one on discount."

            (Found on the fridge door)
            A new shovel, it snowed again
            Maybe a small plant?

Mary Pinkoski

Mary Pinkoski (photo: r. edwards)

Mary Pinkoski is a worker of words, a patron of pauses and a mixer of memories. She performs regularly in Edmonton with the Edmonton Stroll of Poets and the Raving Poets. Mary was featured performer at the 2006 and 2007 Roar Spoken Word Festival finales, and placed second at the 2006 Calgary International Spoken Word Festival Poetry Slam. Most recently Mary was the winner of the CBC Edmonton Regional Poetry Faceoff. More of Mary's writing can be found online using your intrepid googling skillz.

Note: "the doctor called" and "seven months before you left" will also be appearing in the fabulous 2008 Edmonton Stroll of Poets Anthology. Photo by: r. edwards

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