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April 24, 2015

store window mannequins
in real life poses . . .
people watching

Wendy Visser

April 23, 2015

Mennonite Country
inside the horse drawn buggy
a G.P.S.

Wendy Visser

April 22, 2015

garden party
every flower

Wendy Visser

April 21, 2015

random rain splatters
on the sidewalk . . .
polka dots

Wendy Visser

April 20, 2015

miles of nothingness
finally, a sign of life

Wendy Visser

April 19, 2015

puffs of clouds
piling up . . .
bubble bath

Wendy Visser

April 18, 2015

the sound
of sunfish feeding

Jeff Hoagland

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