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July 03, 2015

night lightning      
the owl's glass eye

LeRoy Gorman

July 02, 2015

leaf descent                     
my daydream drifts      
into Queen Anne’s lace

LeRoy Gorman

July 01, 2015

eh to zed             
so goes               
the parade         

                     (Canada Day 2014)

LeRoy Gorman

June 30, 2015

rectory roofers
their ladders   
     take them higher

LeRoy Gorman

June 29, 2015

  Richard III reburied
I walk Shakespeare
on a short leash      

LeRoy Gorman

June 28, 2015

evening rush hour     
       it’s anybody’s road home
Highway of Heroes   

LeRoy Gorman

June 27, 2015

tree root
the unwritten

Ken Sawitri

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