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August 04, 2015

reading lesson
at the end of each sentence
a full stop

Ken Sawitri

August 03, 2015

ocean of ink
I drink
my tea

Ken Sawitri

August 02, 2015

after the rain
a chameleon jumps
on to the washed path

Ken Sawitri

August 01, 2015

Heat wave—
the sweet scent of rain
in humid air

Kaye Linden

July 31, 2015

Years later—
the armadillo's skeleton
still on the roadside

Kaye Linden

July 30, 2015

Approaching storm—
the dog growls
with the thunder

Kaye Linden

July 29, 2015

palm-sized spider clings
to my window pane

Kaye Linden

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