DailyHaiku - A Daily Shot Of Zen


August 02, 2015

after the rain
a chameleon jumps
on to the washed path

Ken Sawitri

DailyHaiku Cycle 19 is now live, with a special set of seven haiku by our Invited Poet Carole MacRury. We're excited to showcase her polished, nature-focused perspectives on the Pacific Northwest. We'd also like to extend a huge welcome to our new contributor team: Jeff Hoagland, Wendy Visser, Helen Buckingham, Kaye Linden, Ken Sawitri, and LeRoy Gorman. Their poems will begin appearing on April 12th, marking an important milestone: the start of DailyHaiku's 10th year of publishing. Stay tuned for a season of excellent new haiku!

Posted Sunday April 5, 2015