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DailyHaiku Volume IV: Cycles 7 & 8

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DailyHaiku IV collects the work of DailyHaiku contributors from Spring 2009 to Spring 2010 (Cycles 7 and 8) in a visually stunning print journal format.

78 pages, perfect bound, 6"x9"
ISSN: 1913-3928
ISBN: 978-09868870-0-0

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This volume features a year of poems by: Catherine J. S. Lee, Greg Schwartz, Richard Krawiec, Patricia Benedict, Robert Moyer, Laura Garrison, Adelaide B. Shaw, Dick Whyte, Temple Cone, Sandra Mooney-Ellerbeck, Joanne Morcom, Patrick M. Pilarski, Nicole Pakan ... and Megan Arkenberg—winner of the 2010 DailyHaiku Editors' Choice Award.

Our invited poets for this volume are two voices that have greatly contributed to the advancement of English-language haiku in North America: George Swede (founding member of Haiku Canada and current editor of Frogpond: The Journal of the Haiku Society of America) and Michael Dylan Welch (longtime vice president of the Haiku Society of America and co-founder of both Haiku North America and the American Haiku Archives).

Special features include an essay on modern English-language haibun by Ray Rasmussen, and a haibun sequence by Angela Kublik.

Editors' Choice Award

We are happy to announce the winner of the 2011 DailyHaiku Editors’ Choice Award, Matthew M. Cariello, for his haiku presented during Cycle 9, Week 17. Matthew's evocative haiku moments blend a sense of humanity with a profound appreciation for nature’s diverse cycles. We also wish to highlight the effectiveness of his technical and structural choices.

(First haiku of Cycle 9, Week 17)

The Editors' Choice Award award is given to the most exemplary and inspirational week of haiku published on the site during the previous year’s contributor cycles, as collected in the yearly print edition. It showcases what we believe to be haiku excellence.

Winners of the DailyHaiku Editors' Choice Award:

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