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January 28, 2012

house hunting she times the walk to the beach

Kirsten Cliff

January 27, 2012

cold moon
still the weight of her baby
in my arms

Kirsten Cliff

January 26, 2012

dial-up . . .
the soft rain
of dandelion clocks

Kirsten Cliff

January 25, 2012

between the rattle
of gum-tree bark—
a magpie's nest

Kirsten Cliff

January 24, 2012

moving day . . .
inside this matchbox
a cicada shell

Kirsten Cliff

January 23, 2012

afternoon rest—
where the willow & the fence
meet in shadow

Kirsten Cliff

January 22, 2012

late this year the cherry tree turning into autumn

Kirsten Cliff

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