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September 26, 2009

in grandmother's apron
she brings a bouquet
of queen anne's lace

Megan Arkenberg

September 25, 2009

the smell of wet hay
and calf's breath
summer moon

Megan Arkenberg

September 24, 2009

the farm cat
weaves between my legs
distant thunder

Megan Arkenberg

September 23, 2009

old wagon wheel
spider webs
between the spokes

Megan Arkenberg

September 22, 2009

after iced tea
his cold, cold kiss

Megan Arkenberg

September 21, 2009

the fish's stillness
on the end of the line
high noon

Megan Arkenberg

September 20, 2009

community rummage
my old doll
on a stranger's table

Megan Arkenberg

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